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Every child has the right to an adventure. Life is about grabbing opportunities.
Bear Grylls

Welcome to Slinfold Scout Group,located in the lovely village of Slinfold near Horsham in West Sussex, surrounded by lots of field and woodland walks as well the South Downs Link. We are a thriving extremely active group with around 90 young people and 16 leaders spread across all four sections. We love to get involved with the community whether it be trimming and tidying around the village churchyard, bringing new life to the banks along the downs link, poppy delivering, or cooking Christmas Dinner for some of the villagers and delivering their Christmas post, there is usually something happening that Slinfold Scout Group are involved in! New members are always welcome and if anyone is interested in joining us (as a scout or leader!), our Contacts page has all the relevant details.

For more information about about Scout groups and Scouting in the Horsham area, please visit 'Horsham Scouts'

This month in Slinfold scouts.....

May 2017
Slinfold Beaver 'Back to Basics' Outdoor Challenge Sleepover
A sunny weekend at the end of March saw Slinfold's Beavers enjoying their annual sleepover up at our Campsite in Colgate. The theme for this year's sleepover was a good old fashioned, Scouting Back - to - Basics weekend where the youngest of our Beavers were introduced to tent pitching and fire lighting, while the older ones got o brush up on their camping skills. Amongst other things, htese involved careful sausage stick sharpening as they were needed to cook sausages on over the fire for lunch (closely followed by marshmallows)
Below are three accounts of the sleepover from the Beavers themselves...breakfast was obviously a big hit as well as our crate stacting activity. Many thanks to all the Leaders from the whole group who gave up their weekend to make this amazing sleepover possible!

My favourite bit was doing the sleepover. At breakfast I ate eggy bread, bacon, pancake and Rice Krispies. I loved the crate stacking challenge.
By Zara.

On Beaver camp, my favourite activity was crate stacking. I had to put a harness on and had to stack crates on top of each other and climb up them. I got to 17 crates high. Sleeping was also great fun as I got to sleep next to my friends like a big sleepover. I had a big yummy breakfast in the morning. I had cereal, eggy bread, bacon and pancakes. I can't wait for the next camp.
By Hannah.

We kicked off our 'Beaver Outdoor Challenge Sleepover' with a night hike using glow sticks to help us see our way along the path. When we returned to Gummies the Beaver Leaders served delicious hot chocolate and we started to feel a bit sleepy. After setting out our roll mats and sleeping bags, we settled down to watch Jungle Book which we all enjoyed.
Next morning started early with eggy bread and pancakes;delicious! The day was full with different activities such as den building, whittling sticks and my favourite, crate stacking. Everyone had lots of fun! Thank you Beaver Leaders!
From Evan.

April 2017
As spring is busy doing it's thing around us we are taking advantage of the better weather and lighter evenings!
The Beavers have just completed their cooking activity badge over a two week period. This saw them learning all about health and hygiene in the kitchen, all the different utensils they can use and about what goes in to having a balanced diet. Then each Lodge prepared part of a meal and cooked it for the whole Colony, producing a great meal which we were all able to sit down and enjoy together. The Beavers also had fabulous fun at a pottery evening when an old friend of Slinfold School visited us and brought some clay and all her potteryskills to share. There were some beautiful mugs, great pots and snails(?!) made and, we are all glad to say, all survived being fired in the kiln and have made it home with the Beavers, in one piece!
The Cubs have had an interesting evening this half term courtesy of Horsham Indoor Bowling Club, learning a new skill and having lots of fun competing against each other for a winner and runner up award. The Scouts are still busy brushing up on their outdoor skills for the many upcoming camps they have planned for the warmer term. These include a cycle camp, a bivvi building camp and hopefully not too far in the future, a return camp with our twinned Scout troop in France. Finally this term, amongst other activities the second group of Explorers from our Unit also enjoyed a week in in Ashdown Forest completing the final expedition needed for their Bronze D of E Award. A lot of planning and preperationv from the Explorers themselves has to go intothis challenge, so a huge well done to them.
Sunday April 23rd sees our St George's Day Parade take place in Horsham where over 1500 members from Scout Groups across Horsham will come together to celebrate the anniversary of our Patron Saint of Scouting. Please feel welcome to come along and watch the parade and listen to the service at the Bandstand in the Carfax if you are able; it is an impressive sight, made all the more important this by actually falling on St George's Day itself! The parade willleave the Old Telephone Exchange and Council Office Carpark behind The Capitol at around 2.30pm, accompanied by the British Legion Band, and the service will take place from 3.00pm.
Fingers crossed the sun keeps shining for our upcoming Beaver sleepover, and we will tell you all about it in next months magazine.

March 2017
Slinfold Scout Troop
This term, the first of a new year, is traditionally the hardest to make interesting because of the lack of tlight and lack of good weather. It's cold and usually wet which means, when meeting at our hut we have to be inside rather than outside. With over 25 Scouts who are the average size of 'big' and when all together seem so much bigger (!) this can be a little cramped to say the least. It only adds to the difficulty of our first terms worth of programming and because of this, we have come to find that we tend to stick to the traditionally table based map and compass theory work and first aid Scouting staples that sometimes, whilst the weather outside may be wet, means as far as excitement and adventure goes , for this term this curriculam can be quite dry.....
Unless you sprinkle it with a group of well rounded, well trained, well equipped volunteers called Leaders! I know you want to know what the young people get up to in our monthly accounts, but for this issue I thought I would tell you about the Leaders, because they make the 'dull' interesting, the 'monotonous' exciting and when it comes to putting the basics to work, they make 'dangerous' safe and the 'fun' beyond fantastic.
Although I can normally be found in the thick of it, I am not referring to myself in this description, as for the next few weeks (4-6 to be exact) a double knee op has put a short pause in my Scouting career. The Scouts will never notice; as far as their enjoyment of Scouting is concerned the other Leaders have seamlessly taken up the slack, not that there was much to take up, because as I have already said without them, Scouting would be...dare I say it again...dry, and certainly not as well attended as it is.
I have one thing to say to my fellow Scout Leaders, "Thank you" for all your hard work, not just for the next few weeks that you will be enjoying Scouting without me, but for all those weeks of preperation and hard work beforehand, and hopefully those to come!
Buc, Slinfold Scout Leader.
February 2017
As all sections get stuck into their programmes for the coming term, I have had to take some time as GSL to review the group as a whole and our plans for the future. This was because it was once again time for my dreaded 'review of appointment' with the District Commissioner of Horsham Scout District. As with most organisations, this is a process that allows those involved to share their thoughts, successes and any concerns they may have with those higher up the ladder; it is also an opportunity to come up with ways to improve or build on the quality of Scouting that is given to the young people in our village.
I have been Beaver Leader in Slinfold for 14 years now, having been an Assistant Cub Leader in my previous life before moving to Slinfold. I then became GSL, Group Scout Leader, quite by accident 12 years ago. It didn't seem too daunting a job when it was just me, 7 Beavers, a 'borrowed from the District' Cub Leader and her 6 Cubs. It is now, however, a much larger undertaking with our recently completed census showing 6 Young Leaders and over 80 children spread from Beavers up to Explorers. The job of ensuring that they have varied, fun and adventurous programmes to follow, with badges and awards to achieve, is being admirably fulfilled by a record 18 Leaders in Slinfold Scout Group now.
Scouting in general is made up of almost all volunteers, and, as I sat and discussed our group with the DC at my review, it dawned on me just how far, as a group, we have come over the past 14 years. I was able to reflect on how much we have achieved, based purely on the hard work and dedication of people that are not paid a penny. It is not only at parades, church services and award ceremonies that I look around me feeling immensely proud, but also at every section meeting, activity or camp, while watching the Scouts, Cubs or Beavers deeply engrossed in whatever task they have been set.
I'm pleased to report that those a little higher up the ladder are more than happy with the Slinfold Scout Group and are 100% supportive of our plans for the future. There is always an open invitation to anyone that feels they would like to be a part of our group if you have some time to give, or a hobby or skill to share; you will always be made welcome.
As yet we have not been able to secure a home for the future of the group within the village, but we will continue to investigate every opportunity that comes our way. As I have said on many occasions, we can 'Scout' out of a cardboard box if we really have to, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.
January 2017
We wanted to start by saying an enormous thank you to all the people from the village that joined us just before Christmas to attend the Scout Group's Christmas Drinks fundraiser, and to those that couldn't join us for the actual evening but sent fantastic donations. It's always so lovely to have such support and a great time was had by all, a very impressive sum of money was raised towards maintaining our hut and ensuring Scouting can continue for all in Slinfold Village for another year.
2016 has been a busy one for all of us as the Beaver section celebrated it's 30th birthday, and Friday 16th December saw the culmination of a years' worth of activities and adventures as we celebrated the Cub section reaching the grand old age of 100! our Cub pack finished off their term with a 'Promise Party' on that evening where we joined with thousands of other Cub Scouts around the globe in remaking our Scouting promise at 7.16pm, as Scouting began in 1916.
The Scouts brought their busy term to an end with their annual Christmas dinner for the residents of Cobblers and those around the village that came to join the festivities, and we all take some time off now for a well earnt rest!
As always with thee start of a new year, our thoughts turn to the planning of new programmes, summer camps, winter camps, weekend camps, D of E expeditions and sleepovers, as well as all the other adventures to come; please watch this space for reports on them all!
On behalf of everyone involved with Slinfold Scout Group we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support and to wish you a prosperous, healthy and happy new year!.
Jo Sands
Slinfold Scout Group GSL.
December 2016
Slinfold Scout Group would like to say a huge thank you again to the Slinfold Camping and Caravan Club for their continued support and fantastic donation to the Group given at the end of season social get together.
As usual it was great to sit and chat with the volunteer staff and regulars that use the beautiful site, to say nothing of the cream teas and lovely cakes!!
We wish you all a lovely rest from your duties and the Cubs will be back with you in March to leaf collect in time for the new season but, until then, thank you all once again - the money will be put to good use buying much needed new kit for all the sections to use.
On behalf of all the Leaders, young people and children of Slinfold Scout Group.

For a report on the Cubs 'Ghostbusters' Winter Camp click here
For a report on the Scouts 'Special Llama' Winter Camp click here
November 2016
I can't believe I am sitting here writing our piece for November,the year is simply flying by. Both the Scouts and the Cubs are busy getting ready for their winter camps and yet it feels like we only just returned from the summer ones!
The next group of Explorers taking their Bronze D of E have just completed their hike in the New Forest and a great time was had by all if the pictures are anything to go by! Watch this space for accounts of the Cub and Scout camps coming up as the Cubs will be doing a little Ghostbusting at our Beacon Hill Campsite in Colgate and the Scouts will be attempting a Land Rover challenge in the Malvern Hills
The Beavers have been working towards their Teamwork Challenge badge this term, taking part in the Horsham Treasure Trail, working in their lodges as a team , building ladders to then transport them (the ladders) over an assault course at our campsite and finishing off a third tasks with some mental team challenges (Crystal Maze style) to gain their award.
As a whole Group we are again Poppy delivering in the village and will proudly take our place beside the British Legion to lay wreaths, march in the Remembrance Day Parade and take part in the service in the Church. As always it is a huge honour and a privilege to be part of this occasion, and one we look forward to.

Kent,Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance visit Slinfold Scout Group
This term saw Slinfold Scout Group's beavers, cubs and scouts being visited by speakers on three separate nights from the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Service. Each section were working towards badges focusing on the community and those who serve, and all thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and talks that were given, from the very youngest Beavers through to Cubs and up to Scouts.
In honour of their visitors the older children in the Scout Troop created a 'pioneering Chinook' for the other sections to 'fly' and share with their visitors. Much was learnt about the work of the charity and great evenings were enjoyed by all with the group raising £150 in donations.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers that visited our Group and thoroughly recommend anyone taking the opportunity to learn more about this fantastic charity and the lifesaving work it carries out.
Jo Sands,
GSL Slinfold Scout Group.

A very excited group left Slinfold after lunch on Saturday 4th June to head north for an overnight stay at The National Forest YH in preparation for the unveiling ceremony of the Lest We Forget Memorial at the National Arboretum the following day.
We arrived tired but excited in the late afternoon and spent a pleasant evening at the hostel chilling out while the really good Explorers even did some GCSE revision!
On Sunday we arrived at the Arboretum and made our way along with beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and leaders from all over the country through the beautiful setting to the place where the memorial has been laid.
It was still a little cloudy but nice and warm and there was a general sense of anticipation and excitement as we were directed to our place across the bank where we would be watching the proceedings.
The VIP's and invited dignitaries had seats alongside the memorial and we lined the stream opposite. While we waited for everyone to take their places the scout band entertained us with some great tunes, old and new and the sun began to shine!
At 12pm all uniformed members of the Scout Association were called to attention and the new flag was broken as we saluted, marking the beginning of the ceremony.
Paul Little, the project leader, spoke to us about how the memorial came about and the key people involved in its conception, design and ultimate creation.
It was an inspiring story which you can read further on printed on the back cover of the day's programme, and he went on to introduce and explain all the people invited to unveil each part of the memorial and the reasons why they were there.
We heard some incredibly moving stories, especially as many of the people spoken about are no longer with us and it was their family members that had been invited to be part of this day and do the job on their behalf. We learnt about the three Explorers (seen in this picture) that were the ones that came up with the original idea of there being a permanent memorial to those lost in Scouting and that it was their hard work and determination that enabled it to happen.
We were introduced to Connor White who was a cub when he designed the Lest We Forget badge that we and 165,000 others across the world have worn on our uniforms to raise the funds needed for the creation of this memorial! When we had heard their stories and everyone was in place a countdown was shouted and the memorial itself unveiled, beautiful in its simplicity, depicting in a campfire scene the different elements that capture all that is important to us in Scouting.
Wayne Bulpitt brought the ceremony to a close by speaking of the enormity of the commitment from everyone involved in the project and what it means for The Scout Association to now, and for many years to come, have this memoral for people to visit and remember those important to them.
In the beautiful sunshine we were brought to attention again for the last post and dismissed.
Quietly we were then able to take some time to walk and look around the Memorial ourselves, taking in every amazing detail. It Is a wonderful creation and completely captures the spirit of Scouting, we know that it will bring pleasure to all who are lucky enough to visit and spend time sitting among the campfire circle.
The Days Programme.

June 2016
As we are celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting this year, we thought we'd ask the cubs themselves what they love doing at Cubs, this is what some of them had to say....

May 2016
Sunday 24th April saw the whole of Horsham District's Scout family come together for our annual St Georges Day Parade, through the town to the Carfax for the renewal of promises and a celebration of Scouting. The parade numbered some 1,500 young people and leaders marching together looking so smart and so proud, from the youngest members at the front of each group to the oldest sections at the rear. As GSL I have the privilege of leading the group in this parade and I cannot describe the immense honour and pride I feel every year when I look back and see all the different sections following me, holding their flags and looking amazing.
While we took part in the ceremony and renewed the promise we all make as members of the Scout Association, I looked around at the members of Slinfolds' Scout Group standing with me, and was reminded of all the hard work they put into their Scouting. As well as all the fun we get to have, the many badges and awards sewn onto their uniforms reminded me again of their dedication and determination to achieve. Over the last year alone another leader has completed his full training and been awarded his wood beads, we have four new Young Leaders who have completed their training and been awarded their Young Leader Belts. We have had three Platinum awards in the Explorer section, four Gold Chief Scout Awards in the Scout Troop, eight Silver Chief Scout awards in Cubs and eleven Bronze Chief Scout Awards in the Beaver section. This is to say nothing of the countless Challenge and Activity badges all sections cover regularly in their termly programmes.
I continue to marvel at and feel so proud to be part of an association that not only offers such a variety of different opportunities, activities and adventures to so many, but also recognises and encourages all those young people and adults to feel proud of themselves as every achievement and goal is reached, however large or small......... and it all begins with a Promise!
April 2016
See what the Scoutshave been up to with the French.....

March 2016
As spring approaches we will be taking part in our annual St George's Day Parade, alongside the other 1,700 members of the Scout Association in Horsham. It is always a very impressive turnout and a chance for us to once more show off the amazing group we are.

There is a definite need to be outside for all sections now spring is in the air. The Explorers are working hard planning their expedition hikes for the final part of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award. For some it is the practice element of the Award, but for some of the older ones it is the final part. We wish them luck as they take part, are assessed (and hopefully passing with flying colours) gaining their Bronze D of E Awards to be proud of as well as their Scouting ones.
The Scouts are planning a weekend at our campsite in Colgate to practice their camping skills and are still busy learning all about recycling as well as choosing individual activity badges to complete. They will also continue to do their bit for our community by tidying the churchyard one evening, an evening now firmly embedded in their termly programme. The Cubs have also taken part in planning and holding a mini -expedition on their evenings, and are also looking forwards to some indoor climbing at the K2 later in the term.
The Beavers have taken part in the Big Bird Count organised by the RSPB held in January and, as a result have gone on to make and put up 3 beautiful nest boxes at the Scout Hut. To complete this activity we will be visiting Pulborough Brooks to see more of the beautiful birds we have around us in the area(if they can be quiet for long enough. The Beavers, that is!!)
Many Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and their families had a great time at the Spectrum in Guildford for our annual group outing of ice skating; there was also the added bonus of it being a 'Foam Party', making the whole adventure even more exciting for some very little Beavers who had never been before....and their parents!
February 2016
As the evenings begin to lighten slowly we are all wrapping up warm to continue scouting in freezing temperatures! All sections are beginning their badges and challenges for this term;if you stand still long enough the Scouts will find a way to recycle you and the Cubs will turn you into a 100th birthday challenge of some description! The Beavers are busy trying to work out how they can possibly be 30 years old this year, too, and are not overly impressed with the skills we are practising for the 'Our Skills' Challenge badge; amongst other things, these include washing their hands and brushing their teeth - not things close to a small persons heart!!
The Explorers will be holding their annual fundraising event - a race night on Saturday 13th February in the village hall. If you are interested in coming along to join the fun, please contact myself or anyone involved with the Scout Group and we can help you with tickets.

To end this month I wanted to take the opportunity to write a little about the lovely Eileen and the enormous hole she will leave in all our Slinfold lives. There are not many children in this village who were not touched by the kindness she showed to them all; her desire to make sure they got to experience all she could share will remain her legacy for a long time to come. She was present at everything she could be, endlessly showing her support, making tea, washing up, sweeping floors and, for the last four years at Messy Church, uncomplainingly cooking tea for thirty five at least. Nothing was too much bother.
She was always available to help with whatever we asked and the Beavers enjoyed one of their most memorable visits in the village to her 'Chapel' where she shared her lovely stories of the history of the building, her family's involvement, helped the Beavers to write their prayers and just appreciate quietly where they were. As we sadly lose yet another Slinfold Village treasure, we would just like to say for us and for the children, especially from the Scout Group, her memory will live on in all the beautiful places of our village......the lovely lady on her bicycle!
January 2016
Happy New Year!
I would like to start with wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous new year from all involved in Slinfold Scout Group. We were absolutely bowled over by the support and good will shown to us at our fundraising drinks evening before Christmas and the amazing final amount will go a long way towards maintaining our current hut and the running of the group as a whole. Each and every child and young person in all sections of the scout group will benefit from the money raised from the actual evening and other donations. Thank you all so much; it is hugely appreciated.
With the festivities behind us we are already busy planning for the coming year, deciding amongst many other things where summer camps and sleepovers will be held and what adventures we can tie into badge work this term. Our 'Spring' term is notoriously the worst for it's lack of daylight and good weather, but we dont let this put us off and fully intend to be out and about at the hut and our campsite in Colgate. This year we will be celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting and Slinfold's Cubs will be taking part in the many planned activities happening throughout the year, and a County Camp in the summer to mark this significant event in our Scouting calender.
The Scouts are hoping to camp again with our twinned French Group from Calais, sometime during the spring and the Beavers will be busy with their creative badge - although it will be hard to top their 'Do For a Loo' party last term, and life size Igloo built from plastic 4 pint milk bottles! We think this has to be one of the best activities we have done in a long time.
We have new Young Leaders in training as our four origional Explorers' have completed their missions and module training and are now awaiting their interviews to be signed off so they can be awarded their Young Leader belt. This is an amazing achievement and we are hugely proud of all four of them; their hard work and commitment has been a real inspiration to all of us.
More exciting news includes two of Slinfold Explorer's being selected to go on expedition to Tanzania in 2017 which we will learn more about later in the year, so 2016 is already shaping up to be a busy one. Watch this space ...............
October 2015
As our summer is drawing to a close (ok, those few sunshiny days that popped up in the middle of June) our thoughts are turning to our Autumn programmes and Winter camps planned for this term.
The scouts will be attempting 'Mission Impossible' in deepest darkest Essex, the Cubs will be having the ultimate Minion experience at our Campsite in Colgate, and the Beavers will be having their very own Beaverfest..... for tales of their adventures, watch this space!!
The Explorers enjoyed a late summer camp in Wales, white water rafting and experiencing our country's longest Zip Wire, over a mile long and reaching speeds of over 100mph! With some new members joining the section this term it continues to grow, enabling Scouting to still be available for the older children in our village who juggle the less appealing parts of life such as big school and Exams!
The Beavers were over the moon to win Colony Capers for the third time in ten years!! They worked amazingly well as a team taking part in activity relay races and scouting themed bases, with the whole event culminating in a huge tug-of-war competition. Their brilliant efforts won them a trophy almost the same size as some of them; the leaders were incredibly proud and lots of fun was had by all on a beautiful autumnal afternoon.
Our Group continue to be involved in village life this term with the Scouts clearing the churchyard again and hosting Christmas dinner for the older residents of Slinfold in December. The Cubs will be delivering Christmas post again this year and the whole group will be poppy delivering on November 5th and proudly marching alongside the British Legion when we attend our village Remembrance Day service.
We would also like to say a huge thank you again to Slinfold Caravan Club for their ongoing support and kind donation at the end of their Summer season. After our wet and windy scout camp this year in Ireland it will be put towards a very worthy cause....some new tents!
July 2015
Well, I'm not sure where this year is going: time is certainly flying by and I can't believe I am writing about Summer Camps already! As you read this both the Cubs and the Scouts will be putting the final touches to their planned camps: the cubs visiting and camping in Hailsham, having lots of fun as superheroes of one form or another, and the scouts travelling to Ireland this year to be giants! Stories of their adventures will be reported next month - fingers crossed for good weather!
The Beavers also enjoyed their annual Beaver Sleepover at the beginning of June which had Toy Story as the theme this year. After seeing their leaders transformed into Buzz Lightyear, Stinky Pete, Jessie, Barbie & Ken Bullseye, Bo Peep, Rex, Slinky and Sarge, and a very real looking Mr Potatoe Head, a great time was had by all eating pizza together, sitting round the campfire later in the evening and toasting marshmallows before settling down to watch the film at bedtime, snuggled in their sleeping bags.
The next day saw an early morning hike searching for Woody before returning for a hearty breakfast and the arrival of more leaders to help with the day's activities. These ranged from crate stacking in teams, to making their own rolls for lunch along with 'The Claw' cupcakes, while the third base gave them the opportunity to do some (heavily supervised) fire lighting and backwoods cooking, and practice their tent pitching skills: these tasks all go towards the Beavers gaining their Outdoor Challenge badge at the end of this term.
All of our Beavers were brilliantly behaved and had a great adventure, I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank again all the Leaders from across the group who gave up their weekend to help so that this activity can continue to go ahead; as you can imagine, many hands make a Beaver sleepover light work!.
Our Jamboree scouts will also be putting the finishing touches to their plans before heading of to Japan this month. They shared their itinery with me when it had been finalised several weeks ago and they will be having an amazing time, we wish them a safe and incredible trip and cannot wait to hear about their adventures on their return.
As the summer term draws to an end I know many badges have been successfully earned by everyone, nights away and hikes away badges clocked up, challenge badges achieved, our Young Leaders are becoming ever closer to completeing their training goals and the Explorers their Platinum and Bronze D of E Awards.
After camps are finished we all take a welcome break for a few weeks before the fun begins again in September, if you feel that you would like to be involved in any way to help and support Slinfold villages scout group please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Sam Jozwiak the Groups Chairperson.
Jo Sands - GSL
May 2015
Well the summer term has crept up on us, complete with some longed-for sunshine, making this time everyone's busiest and most favourite time of the year.

We are all using our programme this term to incorporate the new badge requirements which have been designed to create more adventures for everyone; this also means there will be many evenings up at the campsite to accommodate much firelighting, backwoods cooking, knife work and tent pitching, in practice for our coming Summer camps.

Amongst many activities, the Cubs and Beavers have a linking evening bringing the two sections together up at the campsite and this has been planned and is being run by one of our young leaders. The Beavers have their 'Toy Story' themed sleepover to look forward to during the second half of the term, and the Scouts have a weekend's camping planned in May when they will be expected to cater for themselves with raw rations to be cooked on open fires. They will also be having some fun with the well-practised 'leap of faith', and the Explorers will be involving a lot of water with several changes of clothes judging by their programme this term!

It makes me very proud that another of our Explorers, Tom Sands, has gained his Platinum Award; this is a step closer to becoming a Quenns Scout and has involved long term commitment in several different areas which has been great to see.

April also saw our new District Come together for the first time as one for our St Georges Day Parade. This impressive march of over 1700 children and adults involved in Scouting in Horsham is also when we take the time to renew the promise we make as a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer and Leader, and is a well established annual event, yet another chance to see that Scouting is very much alive and thriving everywhere!

Jo Sands, GSL

April 2015
Slinfold Scout Group

We wanted take this opportunity to bring you up to date on some news regarding the future of Slinfolds' Scout Group that for once does not involve the children!

Looking back over the history of how the existing scout hut came to be, the amazing effort that went into sourcing it, the fundraising and actual building of the hut is in itself a true story of a community coming together to create something for the children of its village and a wonderful piece of Slinfold history.

This was over thirty years ago and the hut has given some great service to many young people but is now, and has been for some time, in desperate need of some tender loving repair and an awful lot of money spending on. We outgrew the present building a long time ago and all the sections are forced to hold many meetings at our campsite in Colgate when space is needed! To add to this our lease for the area that we are currently on is substantially shorter and unlikely to be renewed past the next four years making it imperative that we actively look to find somewhere to move our meeting place to sooner rather than later.

In an ideal world building a new hut on the land we are already on would be the perfect answer but with new housing required all over our County and thoughts moving towards the renovations of Cobblers and other surrounding areas, the Scout Hut standing in such a prime position, may sadly find itself becoming a casualty of the need for more modernisation within the village.

So with all this in mind we have been keenly working towards securing the future of the Scout Group for some time now.

An opportunity arose two years ago when we were invited to be involved in the development behind Hayes Lane, relocating our hut to be part of the new buildings being built for the Football club and Tennis Club. Sadly due to objections from the Tennis club we were unable to continue with these plans and realised we would have to look at other possible locations in the area, still desperately wanting to keep Slinfolds' Scout Group in Slinfold!

Through our dealings with the Tennis club, the developer and Slinfold Parish Council the Scout Group's plight has been addressed and we have now been promoted on the list of organisations that require help within the village. When a new development is presented to HDC it also has to include and show how it will support the needs of the community, a new scout hut is very high on that list now and will therefore be very visible on any planning that is submitted in Slinfold in the future, whether we are informed or consulted about it or not! More information regarding future planning and developing in our village can be seen on Slinfold Parish's website.

While no one welcomes the thought of new housing being built in our village it is becoming apparent that it is much more of a 'where will this be?' question than a 'when will it be?'.

So on a positive note, for the children in our village that are part of our Scout Group, this means at some point in the future a new Scout Hut will be built in a local, safe area and will secure the future of the Group for many years to come. We're sure that if you ask the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, leaders and many others that are involved with the Group they will agree that this can only be a good thing, after all no one appears to have any complaints regarding a new tennis clubhouse or football pitch or cricket pavilion. If new houses must be built we need to ensure that Slinfold benefits in other ways and as a happy, thriving Scout Group we will continue to look forward to having a new home in our Village wherever it can be.

If you have any questions regarding this please so not hesitate to contact Sam Jozwiak, Scout Group Chairperson or Jo Sands GSL
March 2015
I became involved in scouting many years ago, as a child both my parents were leaders, girls were not allowed to be cubs or scouts then and I was a very happy brownie and guide but was very aware of the 'Arrow Awards' my brother was busy working towards as a cub. Throughout my childhood these badges and their requirements didn't change much and when I became a leader over twenty years ago the award system was still in place but had been revamped and modernised to now be known as the Bronze, Silver and Gold Chief Scout Awards. Under the most recent updating of the Scout Association Badge and Award work they have again been modernised and are still very much what guides the young people in their achievements and adventures during their time in Scouting.
From the time our Beavers join they work hard towards the highest award they can achieve with us, The Chief Scout's Bronze Award. To achieve this they must have been awarded all 6 challenge badges during their two years with the Colony and have completed their Personal challenge badge independently. They receive this award in their last term before they move on to Cubs and wear it on their Cub uniforms when they move up.
The Chief Scout's Silver Award is the top award that can be achieved in Cubs. This award is given when the Cub has taken part in lots of fun and exciting activities with the other Cubs in the Pack. To receive the Silver Award, after completing six challenge badges - adventure, skills, outdoor, our world, team work and team leader, the Cub is also given a Personal Challenge to do independently just like Beavers. Once this has been completed and this badge has been achieved the Silver Chief Scout's Award is presented and worn on the Scout uniform when they move up to this section.
The Chief Scout's Gold Award is worked towards when the young person becomes a Scout and sets a very high standard of achievement perhaps taking the most independent work. As the young people are Scouts for four years this time is packed full of learning and achieving for themselves and then concentrating on becoming a competent leader and teacher to their patrol to ensure the passing on of the knowledge and skills they now have. Not all Scouts will finish their time with their Chief Scouts Gold Award as it has many parts to be worked towards and completed but as with the Bronze and Silver is the highest award you can achieve as a Scout and one to be incredibly proud of!
Explorers go on to work for the next four years in a broad variety of ways on their Chief Scout Platinum Award moving on to the Chief Scout Diamond Award before finally beginning to work towards achieving the highest award in Scouting, becoming a Queens Scout.
From Explorers the young people move on to be part of the Network section of Scouting. This gives those who are still involved time to achieve this award around busy lives involving exams, Collage and University and to give you an idea of the work and commitment involved in this Award you have until you are twenty five to fulfil all the requirements necessary to become a Queens Scout! Once achieved you are presented with this amazing achievement by HRH the Queen herself at Windsor Castle.
We take all of these awards very seriously in Slinfold Scout Group as they make up a huge part of the Scouting we do and take a great deal of commitment and determination to achieve. We are always incredibly pleased to award these badges and certificates to the young people and know they wear their badges with great pride!
Jo Sands - GSL.

February 2015

Scouting will see lots of change this year, not just for Horsham Scouts but worldwide scouting in general. The programmes that we are guided by and the badge requirements must follow have had a major revamp over the last six months and will now be phased into our scouting gradually, throughout the coming terms. New badge designs will be seen on all of our uniforms and where some requirements will stay the same, there will also be new and exciting challenges to try. This has all come about by talking to the most important people involved in scouting, the young people. They have been asked extensively across the country how they would like to be working towards earning the badges and awards they can achieve, what you may see over the coming months is the result!
The cubs and scouts have already had meetings up at the campsite with many coats, hats, hand warmers and layers to keep out the cold. Knife and axe skills are being brushed up on and wide games played to keep warm and build on navigational skills in the dark!
The Explorers are putting together their plans for their expedition in March to the New Forest. This involves a little more effort from the older section as they are responsible for everything from the planning of their routes, to their menu and rations and ensuring they have the correct kit for the activity.
The beavers will be doing their Promise challenge badge and Faith activity badge this term and will be amongst other things visiting the places of worship in the village. We will also be having a bit of an adventure by catching the train from Billingshurst to Horsham for a fish and chip tea!
So for the next couple of months we will be keeping busy and warm and working as hard as ever towards badges and awards. As I have explained the badges we do cover an incredibly wide range of interests and activities, so if you think you have an interesting hobby or skill you could share with the beavers, cubs or scouts please do not hesitate to get in touch, all new opportunities would be gladly welcomed!
Jo Sands GSL

January 2015

So here we are at the start of a new year, a new term and a whole new programme for all the sections in our Scout Group.
We return to Scouting rested and keen to get going with all our plans in perhaps for some the hardest part of the year to be enthusiastic about! Evenings are still dark, the weather is not at its kindest and all seems a little flat after the recent festivities; however we choose to look at these things a little differently.
The two Scout Districts of Horsham, currently West and Weald, which were split long before I began my scouting career in this part of the world, will be merged in March. As we prepare to come together to become one, thirty group strong, Scout District this understandably brings many questions of how it will work and some changes.
As much as change isn't always welcome in life, we choose to see that the new challenges we will face will also bring with them new scouting activities to be part of, many more children will have the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest adventures in life so far and we will be given an even bigger platform from which to show everyone what an amazing organisation Scouting is to be a part of.
For us this will be the year we see our two scouts Izzy & Jordan head off to Japan to experience the 2015 World Jamboree which they have worked so hard to get too! Throughout the year we will see an average of at least ten new children being able to join our group in the different sections and although we may lose children because life's commitments change or families move on, we will continue to move Beavers up to Cubs, Cubs onto Scouts and Scouts onto Explorers thanks to the time, effort and dedication of an amazing team of leaders across the whole group.
As our young people take this journey they are offered fantastic opportunities and activities through which they can grow and thrive, they are taught life skills, encouraged to be confident, kind and brave and encouraged to share all this with those around them in whatever way they can.
So we don't hide away indoors during the cold, damp weather we encourage all our young people to embrace being outdoors as much as possible, brushing up on skills for the coming spring months! We still hike come rain or hail and the hardiest of us have been known to camp for the odd night or two in this chilly term. We continue to find ways of being part of the community, helping where we can or simply just by being involved and supporting other parts of village life. We plan and look forward to summer camps and continue to work on activity and challenge badges having as much fun as we possibly can while we wait patiently for lighter evenings and sunshine!
We hope you are as enthusiastic about 2015 as we are and we look forward to sharing all our adventures with you as we have them! Happy New Year from all of us.
Jo Sands GSL

October 2014

As usual this has become an incredibly busy term. We will be Poppy delivering as usual on the evening of 6th November if you live on our normal delivery routes. We are also very much looking forward to joining with the British Legion to march in the Remembrance day parade in the village, especially in this very special year commemorating the start of WW1.
Saturday 18th October saw the Beavers set off in two mini buses to Newhaven Fort, near Lewis, for the day. This was to learn a little more about how we were defended while our country fought during the great wars and the commemoration of the beginning of WW1. It was a fantastic day out with the sun shining brightly all day and as always we were amazed at the beaver's knowledge and enthusiasm! There was slightly less enthusiasm when we took part in our own air raid in their mock up air raid shelter, but all were very brave and everyone's manners and behaviour were perfect all day, a brilliant time was had by all!
Making for a very busy weekend we also held our 'Scouts Own' church service on Sunday 19th October, so that our two Scouts, who are off to Japan for the 2015 Jamboree, could make a presentation to the congregation.
The service was based on us all being members of the Worldwide family of Scouting and was very well attended by children from all sections of the group, with their families coming along to watch. There were investitures of new beavers, cubs and scouts and the investiture of a new assistant Scout leader, Gru! Akela from Cubs and Buc from Scouts were really happy to be able to present some Silver and Gold awards, the highest award to be achieved in each section.
We were enormously proud of everyone who took part and hopefully managed to share how great we feel it is to belong to the large, ever growing worldwide family of scouts.
We had a very successful working weekend at the beginning of October allowing us to patch up, do much needed repair and give lots of TLC to our scout hut, this also led to having a really good turn out of the kit and equipment that we have brought and acquired over the last few years. We are still in the process of deciding what we will need to do to our hut to preserve it for the future but in the meantime it looks lovely, fresh and tidy.
A massive thank you to everyone that gave up all or some of their time during the weekend.
The patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders were whizzed off on a P.L & A.P.L training camp held at Blacklands Farm this term. This is a time for them to recap and share with the leaders what they have learnt during their time in scouts, working towards being able to take these skills back to teach the rest of their patrols.
I would also like to say a huge than you to Louise Simms for her kind donation of money to the Scout Group from the sale of plants that she gives to us every year, it will be put to good use and as I have said before it means a great deal to us all to have the support of the village and is most appreciated.
Winter camps for both cubs and scouts will be happening during the half term holidays and reports of their adventures will be in next month's magazine.
Jo Sands GSL

September 2014

We are all back and rested from our fantastic summer camps with planning already well under way for the Cub and Scout winter camps coming up in half term.
This time of year the Cubs choose to camp locally at Beacon Hill, our campsite in Colgate, and will be having lots of fun helping Batman with his adventures. The Scouts are once again heading off to Northampton for a winter camp based on as many different flying experiences as they could find, culminating in a spot of indoor skydiving for the brave-hearted. They will report on all their adventures next month.
As usual all sections have a packed and busy programme planned for the coming winter months with our annual commitments continuing also.
As a group we are looking forward to holding the Family Service in church on October 19th at 10.00am. This family friendly service will be based on us all being members of a world wide organisation as we celebrate our two Scouts going off to Japan next summer. As a whole group service, all sections will be involved, and you are all warmly invited to come along to join us.
We will once again be Poppy delivering at the very beginning of November on behalf of the British Legion and very much look forward to being part of the Remembrance Day Parade in the village, especially in this very important year commemorating the start of WW1.
Finally I would like to end by saying an enormous thank you to Slinfold Caravan Club for their amazing of over £350 to the Scout Group. We have built up a great relationship with the volunteers that run the site during the last few years and they are incredibly generous to, and supportive off, our group in many ways. At the end of every summer we are invited to their season-end celebrations and this year were presented with this fantastic amount of money. in return, during the autumn months, many small people work hard to repay their kindness with our annual clear up of leaves on the site, while they supply the hot chocolate!
Jo Sands, GSL.

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